About the site

The aim of the site is to enrich its visitors with knowledge and professional information in the fields of management, work and career.

The site’s contents are based, first and foremost, on my writings – as the writer of books in the fields of management, work and career; also as the writer of hundreds of professional articles in the field [Professional profile of Shuki Stauber].

Likewise, the site’s visitors will be presented with additional knowledge and information.

What do the links on the site contain?

Under the link ‘Books’ are chapters from my books. Every few weeks, the chapters are replaced with new ones.
For purchasing books please press here.

Under the link ‘Articles’ are articles I have published in the daily and professional papers or ones that were specially written for the site.
The articles are presented with a subject key to make orientation easier.

Under the link ‘Lectures’ you will find part of the topics on which I give my many lectures on. Under this link you will also find video interviews.

The link 'Consulting' leads to examples from various past projects.
The link 'Blog' leads to other subjects I have written about, some of them concern the professional areas of this website but are not constructed as articles or reviews; others concern other interests of mine. The blog is divided into subsections, for easy navigation.
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Have an enjoyable and useful browsing,

Shuki Stauber


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