Shuki Stauber

Researcher and author in Managemant fields


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Shuki Stauber has written seventeen books:

  • From Teva to Check-Point
  • Drushim – Deals with employee selection & recruitment in Israel (2001 Edition)
  • Who’s the Boss?
  • The Job is yours!
  • Outsourcing
  • Customer service
  • Lawyers and more
  • Magia li? – On employees’ rights in Israel
  • It is not Just the money – Deals with employee management in quality organizations
  • I, the brand! – Deals with Israeli marketing strategies and their implementation
  • Start – Rhymed and illustrated book on a young man’s career
  • Drushim – (2013 Edition)
  • From the Concorde to the Iron Dome (With Avigdor Zonnenshain)
  • Israelis in Berlin: a community in the making
  • The struggle for unionization
  • Yes, it’s possible – Managing change in an educational organization
  • Mental Health in Israel

Stauber’s books are available in book stores and appear on reading lists of various educational institutions.

Shuki Stauber offers wide array of consulting and research services he offers executives and private individuals, in both the private and public sectors.
Served as an academic director at management training programs, and as a lecturer with high demand, in Israel universities.

Shuki Stauber used to write for most management magazines in the Israel. For years he wrote and edited the ‘Management’ section of the business-focused newspaper Globes. Later on he wrote the column ‘Management’ for YNET – The most popular online newspaper in Israel. He also wrote articles for other business-focused newspaper such as TheMarker and Calcalist.

Shuki Stauber is often interviewed in the media on his books and expertise.

Shuki Stauber holds a M.A. in Labor Studies from Tel-Aviv University.

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